About Me

A snapshot of my life

Hello! My name is Joshua Ku. I am a Software Engineer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I graduated from Penn State University and I have had the pleasure of working with companies such as IBM, GitHub, ZenHub, TravisCI, General Motors, EMC and Lowe’s.

My career started off at IBM as a Site Reliability Engineer. I hosted applications such as GitHub, Jenkins, TravisCI, Artifactory and UrbanCode Deploy to over 50,000 IBM developers worldwide. I got to work on designing new ways to host this applications at scale and to use new technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, LinuxKit and other tools. Apart from hosting, I also mentored other SRE teams that were hosting ZenHub and Jira in helping them to scale and I assisted in outage investigations.

In addition to being a SRE, I was also a member of IBM’s New Hire program called JumpStart. I led bootcamps for incoming engineers to the company and taught them how to use GitHub and ZenHub and how to leverage IBM Design Thinking. I had the privilege of mentoring many new hires throughout their careers at IBM and was able to network with a lot of amazing IBMers along the way.

I hope to use this blog as a way for me to share some things that I learned along the way. The topics will vary between things I learned at work and outside of work. I hope that whoever reads this will learn something as well!